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(OOC: You know the image of Werelight Shine vs. Nightmare Moon you would always see to show that a Retrospectives in progress? Well, I had similar images of Werelight facing off the other villains. The picture would change depending on the season, but since the Retrospectives are discontinued, I think it would be best to show you guys the other images that couldve been.)


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Sunset Shimmer, my new weapon may be ice breath. But I put rocks in it and razor blades and boy howdy, do they hurt!
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Those bosses were always fun. I like how in Windwaker Phantom Ganon's attacks sync with the music.

Trivia : You can use empty bottles to reflect the attacks to with good timing in "Windwaker." In "Link to the Past" you can even use the bug-catching net to reflect wizard Agahnim's attacks.