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safe1705068 artist:cigarscigarettes84 artist:php13038 apple bloom49463 applejack169767 earth pony248245 pony966326 accessory swap1700 adorabloom2756 bandana5331 blushing197388 both cutie marks10394 cheek fluff5548 collaboration5293 colored19451 crepuscular rays2833 cute199575 detailed778 dock49874 featured image877 female1361818 filly66569 fluffy14238 freckles28820 grass9656 grin38461 hooves17836 jackabetes5959 leaning3600 lidded eyes30664 mare479902 nose wrinkle3001 prone25498 scar11985 scenery8019 shade317 sisters8830 smiling248025 squee1960 tree32205 unshorn fetlocks25462


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This is so good. I like how they look horsey but don't have those beady little horse eyes
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I love Earthsong9405's art, she has an awesome style and some lovely unique designs.

Cute Apple siblings, btw.

Wait, Earthsong isn't DNP anymore?