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safe1656708 artist:fauxsquared739 princess luna97240 trixie65704 pony921027 luna-afterdark450 a christmas carol83 angry26089 bipedal33006 clothes441707 donald duck115 ebenezer scrooge24 featured image845 female1319922 floppy ears49761 frown22237 glare8159 gritted teeth11506 hat83082 heart46306 heart eyes15509 lesbian93966 luxie148 mickey's christmas carol3 pac-man284 scrooge mcduck88 shipping193814 smiling234632 snow13513 snowfall4399 sparkles4173 spread wings51899 trixie is magic207 wingding eyes21113 wreath889


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Background Pony #5E51
…Is that freaking Donald Duck as a pony, courting Luna?

Wonderfully done pic, don't get me wrong… but what the actual fuck?

Sunset Shimmer Fan
This piece of art raises so many questions. I mean, I get that this is A Christmas Carol reference (pretty obviously), and Faux said he specifically looked at the Disney version. But… why is Luna's cutie mark Pac-Man?