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That one moment when somepony tosses a snow ball at your plot and you wish you’d worn pants.
safe1753860 artist:pijinpyon236 buddy the elf11 rainbow dash238912 twilight sparkle306548 alicorn233400 pegasus310335 pony1013520 butt66294 butt shot59 clothes476996 coat2961 cold954 cute206083 dashabetes9667 description in comments53 duo64992 elf costume60 featured image910 female1404724 hat90614 laughing8320 mare503591 playful315 plot shot20 santa hat6133 scarf23888 snow14142 snowball493 snowball fight316 snowfall4513 spread wings57243 sweet dreams fuel1673 twiabetes12292 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126327 wingboner8380 wings123697 winter4507


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Yet One More Idiot
Artist -

World's biggest idiot xD
@Yet One More Idiot
Twilight can’t have eaten snow and pooped out a snowball. Because if you eat snow your body heat would melt it quickly in your stomach. So she’d basically just pee it out as it’s water.
I mean honestly, I’d’ve thought it was fairly obvious that I was being silly for fun - the idea that anypony (apart from maybe Ponk) could eat snow and poop snowballs is just so ridiculous. :P