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safe1658823 artist:tsitra3601222 twilight sparkle294182 pony922944 unicorn304040 abstract background13503 cape9898 clothes442382 crying42163 featured image846 floppy ears49906 frown22255 grin36337 hoof hold7978 i have no mouth and i must scream205 inanimate tf1498 meme80759 open mouth137354 ponified39919 role reversal1351 smiling235874 solo1033358 tongue out99202 transformation10273 trapped790 twilight scepter2020 wat18940


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Background Pony #AB1A
🎶time 4 a mane attraction the story must be told time for a chain reaction it never gets old. Some mares satisfaction breaking the mold, some mares r just distractions some mares are JUST GOLD🎶
Background Pony #6851
Hello girls. It is I your friend Twilight Sparkle. Please ignore the faint pleading sounds coming from my cane. Everything is just fine.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I don't get it either.
This is what makes me feel something is missing from the other renditions.The big gem in her chest is not on the other ones, it looks better like this.

…btw, if ponified scepter has that jewel on her chest, then would sceptified twilight have wings on the other end hiding behind that hoof?
Fluffle Puff
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If there was anything from that stupid scepter meme I actually liked, it would be this solely because it reminds me of the wonderfully twisted ways of Alice in Wonderland.