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safe1658573 artist:mirapony428 princess cadance31978 princess celestia93102 princess luna97308 twilight sparkle294154 alicorn215200 pony922745 absurd file size775 absurd resolution65167 alicorn tetrarchy1025 armor23024 big crown thingy2303 bridle3517 clothes442310 dress42874 featured image846 female1321543 jewelry58935 mare458296 regalia18678 tack4365 twilight sparkle (alicorn)121066


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We Crossdress Harder
Really? Celestia's is the only one I didn't like. I mean, I looked at her and I thought it was some kind of grimdark picture about Twilight usurping Celestia's place, making her crown crumple and decay like old foil, and binding her mouth with a bridle. I got it eventually, but it still looks crumpled and not pretty to me.
Background Pony #8339
Not to detract anything from this lovely quartet of royal ladies but dat armored Celestia. This must be the best suit of armor I have seen for Celestia and damn, she looks good in it.