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suggestive175166 artist:0ryomamikado0535 applejack189093 fluttershy240338 pinkie pie240314 rainbow dash261457 rarity204728 spike87871 twilight sparkle335535 alicorn278498 human208253 comic:the unexpected love life of dusk shine183 apple19329 basket3858 belt7881 between breasts1135 blushing242230 blushing profusely2895 boob smothering768 book39773 boots29053 breasts349114 busty pinkie pie13008 clothes567486 coat3516 cowboy hat22238 denim1140 dusk shine2622 dusk shine gets all the mares62 duskdash34 duskjack33 duskpie54 duskshy46 faceful of ass2057 facesitting4026 female1623331 food89193 hat110351 high heel boots7437 hug33983 humanized111498 jacket16601 jeans5518 light skin5166 makeover466 male468249 mane seven7487 mane six35687 mirror6554 ouch1185 pants19393 prince dusk357 prize on the eyes837 rarilight2084 rarishine35 rule 6331129 scroll3875 shipping232363 shirt33259 shoes50743 simple background511359 sitting80053 straight161559 these aren't my glasses631 twidash5651 twijack1272 twilight sparkle (alicorn)139663 twinkie2017 twishy1446 white background133873


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James Rye
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Dusk Shine is best trap! Also dang, he got RD’s ass to sit on his face! And Pinkie’s boobs to smoother him! He can die as a lucky bastard! XD