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safe1750250 applejack173255 captain hoofbeard54 fluttershy217237 pinkie pie220140 rainbow dash238542 rarity185571 twilight sparkle306084 alicorn232863 dragon58717 earth pony265835 pegasus309068 pony1010333 unicorn342220 idw15465 official9238 spoiler:comic10747 spoiler:comic1371 amputee4852 bicorne148 butt65882 comic111461 female1401695 hat90323 idw advertisement582 jolly roger40 male387954 mane six32558 mare502083 official comic2471 peg leg224 pirate ship258 plot82113 preview1992 prosthetic leg933 prosthetic limb3087 prosthetics3595 ship1225 speech bubble24421 stallion115708 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126185


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I suppose that pirate captain doesn't need to worry about stocking up once he got 6 girls with him.
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Welp, he just said "savvy," so I guess that Jack Sparrow guess was spot-on for our part.

Plus, his goals DO sound very similar to the actual Jack Sparrow's in the first POTC film.
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The Anti-Normies

uhh…Masem…maybe you better only upload previews from this "comicsalliance" site…as the previews from other places are always lower res…and when they are lower res…HE appears and steals all the uploads…