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safe1704515 artist:countcarbon36 derpy hooves50122 twilight sparkle300096 pegasus290995 pony965753 unicorn322429 book33417 candle4721 crossover62188 curtain561 dark4531 doctor who3550 featured image876 female1361318 floating3959 hidden derpy10 inkwell448 interior526 latin190 magic73177 magic circle799 mare479664 moon23423 night26297 photoshop3762 runes575 smiling247739 solo focus16902 staff2952 stars15570 tardis1457 telekinesis27678 unicorn twilight17398 wallpaper18608 window8498


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Considering how she's floating in the middle of that magic circle, it reminds me of the Temporal Displacement device in "Terminator Genisys".

If that circle starts spinning, then Twi will go back in time, to meet herself. TIME PARADOX! O SHI-!

…Queen Chrysalis as the nanotech-enhanced John Connor…?! X3