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Griffon at large

@Background Pony #62CC
Go to the source link. Each image posting (and some have a Mature rating, so login can be required) has a description that tells the part of the story being depicted.

You could also go to DA, where the images are posted in a single gallery (with the same descriptions): LINK

My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Would it be awful of me to say that I can see them doing that? And they hide the bodies they’re ‘practicing’ on in, say, Rarity’s basement? And when she finds them… “Sweetie, why are you hiding down here? Oh, pardon me, sir, I didn’t recognize – AHHHHH!”



At least they are trying to clean up the constant mess they are making of peoples teeth with all cavaties they cause and what not. Now if they would just try to be cmc undertakers to clean up after the heart attack victims.