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"Don't you dare!"

Oops! Maybe you should just let someone else fix your estate, Paradise?
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Five scoops of ice cream

Why would I want to watch TV? If I want to see someone being a complete moron, I have my real life. If I want celebrity gossip, there's an entire section of the newspaper dedicated to it.

There's nothing television does that another medium doesn't do better.

Five scoops of ice cream
@Beau Skunky

Very little, if you're talking about Hollywood's idea of what we should be laughing at. Joe Blockhead wandering around being his clueless self isn't funny until he blunders in front of a truck and gets launched halfway down the block. Sadly that only happens once in the entire movie, and the rest of the time you're just watching an idiot be an idiot and still somehow get himself a happy ending.

I like schadenfreude humor — like James Bond ramming someone through a printing press and commenting that they'll print anything these days. I like comedy that calls out the world on just how fucking stupid it is — see most of George Carlin's material. I like pragmatic humor, like Indiana Jones just up-and-shooting the nutcase who came at him dancing around with a sword.

Sadly, not much of that ever hits the screen — everyone's more interested in finding ways to distribute one person's brain cells among an entire cast. That Indy example I mentioned? It's the one genuinely smart thing he does in the entire series, and it wasn't even in the original script. They threw it in because Harrison Ford was sick that day and wasn't up to shooting a fight scene.

Five scoops of ice cream
@Beau Skunky

FiM is one of the very few shows from the past 20 years that has even a remote claim on the word "funny". And frankly, a lot of the so-called comedy it offers falls flat as a pancake. IE most of what Pinkie Pie does (she gets a few laughs by sheer volume, but mainly she just needs a sledgehammer to the face), Rarity's Hollywood-diva histrionics (she belongs on Big Brother, not MLP), and Rainbow's over-the-top egomania (how exactly are the others still her friends again?).

The only time stupid is funny is when the character pays for said stupidity. Most of the time, that doesn't happen.
Beau Skunky
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Cute wittle skunku
I'm not to into sitcoms either, but even I can admit some of 'em can be funny at times.
(My favorite being "Third Rock From the Sun," which sadly has been off the air so long, most people forgot about it. Which is a shame, 'cause it's very well-written, and genuinely funny compared to most modern sitcoms I've seen.)

"There is nothing funny about people acting moronic for its own sake."
By that logic, you shouldn't be able to find any scripted show funny either, and don't try to say that's "true," 'cause obviously there's gatta be something you found funny about MLP:FiM. (Which admittedly, I find more funny then most "grown-up" shows like "Family Guy" nowadays.)

Five scoops of ice cream

Eh, Home Improvement stages their shit intentionally, which kinda kills it because you know Tim can't really be that incompetent and still have a job, or even still be alive for that matter.

Canada's Worst Handyman, on the other hand, seeks out those who have no business even holding tools, gives them said tools, then just stands back and films the unscripted trainwreck.
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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
Immediately afterwards, Sweet Stuff walks onto the door and says, "Gosh Paradise, I'm sorry!"
Then Paradise accidentally drops the hammer through the floor. Through it.