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safe1690406 artist:karpet-shark382 twilight sparkle298507 alicorn221436 pony951999 twily-daily379 belly27979 candy6882 fat21878 featured image876 female1348309 food baby173 mare473119 on back24144 open mouth142507 princess twilard410 solo1053203 stomach ache54 stomach noise3110 stuffed1680 swirly eyes2419 tongue out102288 tummy ache38 twilard sparkle1337 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122993


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Background Pony #51A8
No, FredMSloniker said she eats too much candy, she'll get a tummy ache. In fact, she did. :/
Posted Report
Background Pony #4164
sees Twilight in the middle of the night What!? You are pregnant!? Why didn't you tell me before?