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Inspired by adorable fic, Rain
source needed14186 safe1656712 artist:misterdavey247 rainbow dash228290 rarity177405 pegasus272584 pony921031 unicorn303082 animated96096 blinking3486 blushing189335 crush371 cute192294 daaaaaaaaaaaw3524 dashabetes8811 eye contact6333 fanfic10314 fanfic art13902 featured image845 female1319923 flower24398 grass9063 lesbian93966 prone24695 rain5898 raribetes5155 raridash1874 shipping193814 shy3940 smiling234632 tree30890 umbrella2554 watching1134 weapons-grade cute3562


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Princess of books
Aww, that's adorable. Don't see too much RariDash, which is a shame,because I like
love both Rarity and Rainbow Dash, and it's ask unusual shipping you don't see a lot of.
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I don't know, didn't bother reading ahead. I thought it would be a cute RariDash story, but the peaceful atmosphere apparently only existed in the first chapter. ><
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Rarity's face is locked in a grimace. She's grinding her teeth. She cannot move, because the moment she stands up, there will be mud on her butt. And yet, even as she waits here, she can feel it beneath her. Truly, this is the meaning of suffering beyond endurance. This is a fate worse than death.