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Only if we get another one that pokes at people who believe in false dichotomies such as you having to like one of either prominent political party in the US, and thinking that it's not a valid opinion to hate them both and Donald Trump all at once.
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Mods-Matthew 23:25-27
This was the featured image once? People poking fun at those who freak out over alicorns?

Can we get one that pokes fun at people who freak out over Donald Trump?
The Frowning Pony

Actually your conduct is what's immature. You make everyone concerned about the show due to alitwi embarrassed by proxy, and taint their every rational argument by simply having someone point at your puerile antics to discredit them.

If you really cared, you'd either learn to argument things properly, or admit that you can't and be quiet so your betters can without your interference.
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@The Frowning Pony
This is the part where I'd say "you're no fun", but I'm mature and I'll simply commend you for doing your job.

You're cool and all, and we've already settled our silly dispute long ago. I'll try not to be silly about this waifu shit from now on because it's somehow considered RPing or some shit, I dunno.