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source needed14545 useless source url2792 suggestive140864 artist:kanashiipanda588 applejack168481 fluttershy210900 pinkie pie214607 rainbow dash232075 rarity180253 twilight sparkle298379 human152885 friendship is manly97 animated97711 applejack (male)1042 applejacked1191 buff491 clothes453420 cowboy hat15422 cutie mark47018 frame by frame4007 hat85465 humanized99258 male367067 males only3763 mane six31671 manly135 montage73 muscles11994 muscleshy412 pinkie pump148 rainbuff dash834 ripped rarity268 rule 6326568 sports shorts1085 twilight muscle435 underwear60134


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Background Pony #9A7E
Dafuq did I just watch?

Seriously, what is this? Just some strange animation?
Background Pony #AB79
Can someone upload the one where it sticks at twilight for a few seconds more, the word "/fit/" in the bottom right?
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I know we already have tags for the muscular version of the mane 6, but this is what a commenter on Youtube wrote:
Twilift Sparkle
Rainbow Buff
Power Pie

Twilift Sparkle sounds the best to me.