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safe2200554 artist:miokomata1050 dj pon-333550 fluttershy261561 octavia melody27916 rainbow dash283223 vinyl scratch33550 earth pony515949 pegasus508739 pony1631020 unicorn551102 g42056593 alcohol10335 bar1891 blushing279768 comic137006 drunk6053 drunker dash479 drunkershy247 eyes closed141425 female1832436 floppy ears74270 hoof hold13332 hooves26699 lesbian119181 mare760213 open mouth243301 ship:flutterdash6161 shipping257889 smiling406920 spread wings97708 table flip130 underhoof70203 wingboner9717 wings230396


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Gore Fics For Fun
Fluttershy does this often. She goes to a bar, has a drink, then pretends to be drunk off her plot in hopes somepony will ‘rape’ her. That way she gets to be a slut without anypony thinking she’s a slut.
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Get out of here with those reports and that “duplicate” tag!!! I’m flipping a table, too.

imo Vinyl and Tavi should be making out be the last panel. I mean, come on, if you’re gonna so delibrately put them in the background…