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The SVG version of this image is left as it is (no fitting to drawing or such), to allow easy comparison to the source image. This is the PNG export, which shows the parts of the mane and "tail" outside the SVG canvas.
safe1749502 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1013 artist:parclytaxel1393 trixie68705 genie1641 genie pony412 pony1009648 unicorn341920 .svg available8458 absurd resolution67012 bracelet10001 female1401036 lamp2764 mare501753 necklace20340 ring3649 shading1984 simple background408802 solo1093754 transparent background208685 vector77845 waistband136


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Well them villains may have you misconceived
You may just have a thousand ails

Well master you in luck! Cause up your sleeve!
You got Trixie's magic which never fails!

You got some power in your corner, now
Some ammunition that never fails

You got some punch, the jazz, some rue till now
but all ya gotta do is rub that lamp and Ill say.

Mr Anona sir, what may your pleasure be?!
May Trixie take you out to town?

You ain't never had a friend like me!
The Smiling Pony
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Manually Breathing
Ooh, very nice, was looking forward to seeing this one vectored. The shading's awesome; must've been killer on performance while working on it, though.