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Uploaded by Background Pony #72F3
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safe1750095 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1013 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel edits49 apple bloom50949 applejack173241 pinkie pie220129 princess luna100779 rainbow dash238525 scootaloo51911 shining armor23642 spike80490 sweetie belle49718 alicorn232836 dragon58709 earth pony265786 pegasus309007 pony1010135 unicorn342145 alternate hairstyle29071 apple bloom riding applejack106 apple sisters337 ball3979 beach15920 bow29959 cloud32073 cutie mark crusaders19320 daytime106 dragons riding ponies626 female1401555 filly69599 freckles30101 hair bow16373 male387892 mare502020 ocean7261 open mouth154228 outdoors11603 playing1526 pointing4177 ponies riding ponies2496 riding7610 sand2517 scootaloo riding rainbow dash116 sky14961 smiling260813 spike riding shining armor10 stallion115678 sunshine250 tree33510 water14248 wet mane5297


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Background Pony #B1D9
Rarity is probably fighting a giant crab somewhere off camera. Also, I love how into it Applejack and Apple Bloom are.
Background Pony #AA71
Princess Luna now babysits Sweetie Belle?

Cool. May the wacky adventures begin.

@Background Pony
Being mad or being "first" doesn't factor into it. What does factor into it is putting some actual effort into your upload so that we get good tagging and the artist gets proper credit for their fine efforts.
Background Pony #BB74
Chill out, it just an upload, no need to be mad because someone uploaded it first. Right?

Please do try to tag properly and link the source to the actual artist's page in the future, bro. Makes things a whole lot nicer around here.