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safe1658801 artist:mysteriouskaos115 princess luna97313 alicorn215241 pony922922 :t3698 absurd resolution65167 candy6769 eating9283 ethereal mane7420 featured image846 female1321718 glowing horn18740 magic70890 nightmare night4693 prone24723 simple background377628 smiling235874 solo1033348 starry mane3819 telekinesis26676 transparent background195394 vector75045 wink23674


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Background Pony #42D6
Yeah, imagine just trying to have a conversation with him:

Me: How's the weather today?
Sombra: Crystalssssss…
Me: Uh, I don't see any crystals falling out the sky.
Sombra: Slavessssss…
Me: Oooook…

Like a dragon on her horde.

Also the body heat would probably make her underside sticky. That isn't actually a good idea to sit on top of it like that.