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safe1675741 artist:leoniexli10 applejack167384 fluttershy209455 pinkie pie213276 rainbow dash230465 rarity179073 twilight sparkle296605 human151668 blue eyes4824 book32827 boots21173 clothes448622 confident739 cowboy boots1403 cowboy hat15164 cowboy vest52 cowgirl560 dark skin4462 denim274 eyes closed90012 female1335823 flower24913 freckles27871 glasses60177 gym shorts258 hat84355 high heels10776 human coloration5005 humanized98692 jeans3968 leggings1986 mane six31440 measuring tape1049 multicolored hair5183 pants14023 pantyhose3374 pink eyes622 pink hair1172 ponytail17317 purple hair720 sandals4160 shirt24071 shoes35098 short hair1878 short hair rainbow dash66 shorts13584 side slit1348 skirt38816 smiling240242 sneakers4880 socks64660 t-shirt4266 tube skirt239 vest3802 wand1286


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Lord Niggertron
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

All aboard the mothafuckin Diversitrain!

Fo real tho, this aint bad. Twi be lookin like a dorky ass Indian (dot, not feather). Ponk be lookin like a fun-lovin chunky mulatto or somethin. All of the hairstyles coordinate well with both the character and race, and the color schemes are pleasing. In short, they look like realistic representations of race, not just white girls painted black. If you gon do diversity, this how yall niggas should do it.

Then there's motherfuckin man-dash. She could almost work but somethin be off with that face, prolly the nose. She also got a sorta thickness to her that dont seem to coordinate with her athletic personality.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012


Hrm. I've seen Vanilla Pie and Chocolate Pie but I think is the first time I saw Cinnamon Pie.

I think Applejack should be a bit more tanned from outside work, though.
Duck - Some ugly ducklings stay that way

"Gee, how am I going to meet my diversity quota today when I only drew white people?"
"Oh, I know, I'll paintbucket half of them black."
Background Pony #285A
@Background Pony
It's about motives, really. Forced diversity is when a person adds a non-white skin color simply because they want to have one somewhere, without any reason for it. If they do it because they like how the character looks with it, that's not forced diversity. If they think it makes sense with their background, it's not forced diversity. It's only when the race is changed to avoid them being white that it becomes a problem.
Background Pony #C754
@Background Pony
Those two things are not mutually exclusive, and whether or not it is intentional, the original assessment still stands. Skin color is not a legitimate character trait in the literary sense of the word. (Which is an aspect of someone's personality or behavior that gives them character.)

The fact that people who complain about "forced diversity," are treating skin color as a character trait is equally silly, and indicative of the double standard.
Background Pony #C754
The great thing about the term "forced diversity," is that it assumes that being white is normal, and that being non-white is abnormal, something that is forced upon normal people. Clearly, such abnormality stems from sinister motives.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I just can't see it in my head canon

I mean, Rarity not being taller than Rainbow Dash? That's just unbelievable!

In all seriousness, I think they have the requisite amounts of spunkiness, casual glamour, and adorkable respectively.