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safe1766627 artist:leoniexli10 applejack174522 fluttershy218735 pinkie pie221580 rainbow dash240038 rarity186931 twilight sparkle308003 human160250 blue eyes5879 book34890 boots23281 clothes481426 confident811 cowboy boots1633 cowboy hat17661 cowboy vest54 cowgirl627 dark skin4851 denim277 eyes closed99662 female1415762 flower27010 freckles30486 glasses65643 gym shorts313 hat91724 high heels12017 human coloration5426 humanized102541 jeans4392 leggings2194 mane six32817 measuring tape1098 multicolored hair6063 pants15532 pantyhose3514 pink eyes782 pink hair1336 ponytail19225 purple hair854 sandals4563 shirt26562 shoes39465 short hair2051 short hair rainbow dash72 shorts14722 side slit1462 skirt41592 smiling265729 sneakers5307 socks69255 t-shirt4734 tube skirt243 vest4059 wand1331


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Lord Niggertron
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

All aboard the mothafuckin Diversitrain!
Fo real tho, this aint bad. Twi be lookin like a dorky ass Indian (dot, not feather). Ponk be lookin like a fun-lovin chunky mulatto or somethin. All of the hairstyles coordinate well with both the character and race, and the color schemes are pleasing. In short, they look like realistic representations of race, not just white girls painted black. If you gon do diversity, this how yall niggas should do it.
Then there’s motherfuckin man-dash. She could almost work but somethin be off with that face, prolly the nose. She also got a sorta thickness to her that dont seem to coordinate with her athletic personality.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Hrm. I’ve seen Vanilla Pie and Chocolate Pie but I think is the first time I saw Cinnamon Pie.
I think Applejack should be a bit more tanned from outside work, though.
Duck - Some ugly ducklings stay that way

“Gee, how am I going to meet my diversity quota today when I only drew white people?”  
“Oh, I know, I’ll paintbucket half of them black.”
Background Pony #285A
@Background Pony  
It’s about motives, really. Forced diversity is when a person adds a non-white skin color simply because they want to have one somewhere, without any reason for it. If they do it because they like how the character looks with it, that’s not forced diversity. If they think it makes sense with their background, it’s not forced diversity. It’s only when the race is changed to avoid them being white that it becomes a problem.
Background Pony #C754
@Background Pony  
Those two things are not mutually exclusive, and whether or not it is intentional, the original assessment still stands. Skin color is not a legitimate character trait in the literary sense of the word. (Which is an aspect of someone’s personality or behavior that gives them character.)
The fact that people who complain about “forced diversity,” are treating skin color as a character trait is equally silly, and indicative of the double standard.
Background Pony #6DB9
@Background Pony  
An incorrect assessment.  
“Forced diversity” assumes that people are treating being a color other than white as a character trait.
Background Pony #C754
The great thing about the term “forced diversity,” is that it assumes that being white is normal, and that being non-white is abnormal, something that is forced upon normal people. Clearly, such abnormality stems from sinister motives.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I just can’t see it in my head canon
I mean, Rarity not being taller than Rainbow Dash? That’s just unbelievable!
In all seriousness, I think they have the requisite amounts of spunkiness, casual glamour, and adorkable respectively.