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This episode made me jealous that I didnt have a long soft tail
dead source21638 safe1658554 artist:karpet-shark382 twilight sparkle294153 pony922733 unicorn303926 twily-daily379 lesson zero1426 bench2408 breakdown114 fear985 featured image846 female1321532 floppy ears49894 messy mane7530 park bench98 petting1787 scared10085 scene interpretation8312 shivering2023 solo1033184 twilight snapple2010 unicorn twilight16021 wavy mouth3479


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Background Pony Number 17
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

There are cases of human beings born with small, vestigial tails. Unfortunately, not cool-looking horse tails, but bare, pink, rat-like ones. I can't think of any aesthetic reason for having a tail if it's just a big pink worm hanging off of your backside.

This is what I wish I could do every day, but I'm too damn busy with work and school to have time to be stressed by it… Poor Twilight…

Finally, my name comes in handy and has meaning for once.

Tails would be a cool if not useless evolution in humans. Depends on what kind of tail it is though. I'd totally pet Twilight in this situation though. A few calming pets would totally diffuse this problem.