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Here's another work that pairs Spike the Dragon and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
suggestive139717 artist:digitaldomain123747 rainbow dash230906 spike77920 dragon54610 pegasus281243 pony941260 bedroom eyes58091 blushing192947 colored19110 cuddling8244 female1338200 fetish38824 hug27684 kiss mark1087 kisses49 kissing24180 licking lips4204 lipstick10850 lipstick fetish373 looking at you163519 looking back55600 male363364 mare467524 open mouth140438 rainbowspike530 shipping196564 smiling240913 snuggling6493 spread wings53127 straight133630 tongue out101155 traditional art116060


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Background Pony #04EB
A baby dragon who is friends with all these ponies we love so much, and despite what you might want to believe, has a penis (probably two). How does that "suck" compared to being 100% unable to ever even hug one of these ponies?