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suggestive162134 artist:ecmajor306 trixie72451 twilight sparkle322103 pony1225235 unicorn401823 bit gag1347 blinders316 bondage38263 bowl1930 bridle4104 butt142966 butt touch5412 clothes525487 collar38417 corset4870 dock57563 dominatrix2518 dominatrixie174 drool28051 earring25203 female1517069 femdom9031 femsub12310 food bowl339 gag16456 glowing horn23237 high heels13390 hoof on butt804 kneeling10276 leash8835 lesbian104468 lineart22654 mare566631 panties54941 pet2068 pet play4342 pettwi142 pinecone152 plot99875 plume67 ponies riding ponies2623 pony play216 riding crop1953 saddle2336 shipping220094 shoes45347 spreader bar2472 stockings38694 story in the source2344 submissive20253 tail51545 tail hole1434 tail wrap7253 tattoo6590 telekinesis31743 trixdom67 twisub1010 twixie5256 underwear67254 unicorn twilight22877 whipping304


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And meanwhile you hear thrashing coming from downstairs. You walk down there and see this. I would tell trixie to gtfo and not let her take twi and if she tries to do anything which she will ill whip her with her own whip.
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Notice the date. He predicted Magic Duel (well, the part that didn’t make it into the history books, anyway).