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safe1676325 artist:php5863 trixie66347 pony938961 unicorn311076 bipedal33407 butt53532 cape10027 clothes448841 epic1359 featured image865 female1336216 frown22454 glare8192 glowing horn19070 hat84397 looking back55503 magic71760 magic circle784 mare466293 open mouth140109 plot76969 raised leg7519 rearing5566 runes569 solo1043765 trixie's cape3672 trixie's hat4468 underhoof50645


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@C Money
No, she just wasn't the most powerful in the world like she claimed to be. If any run of the mill unicorn could upstage Trixie at magic, then she wouldn't be doing that as a career.