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AJ and Twilght were only minding their business, after day 2 of Spike’s admittance to the hospital, finally she allowed herself to go to the libary and have a small shut-eye. AJ was with her, going back to check on him.
Surprisingly, after opening the door of Room 909 she found Flutersy lying besides him.
“Wha-what in tarnation!” AJ shouted. Fluttershy and Spike got startled. She turned to face them, blushing furiously. Spike jumped and almost bumped his bandaged back again.
“Um….good morning girls…I was…feeding Spike…if that’s ok with you….”
“Shehs da besht!” Spike responded, with his mouth still full. He swallowed.
“Seriously?” Twilight said, still processing the previous scene. “The here comes the plane game?”
“Laugh if you want, Twi. But she just does it in such a caring, special way…can’t say no to that!”
Fluttershy got down the bed, carrying the plate and the spoon. “Glad I could make you feel at home, Spike. I’m coming back at luchtime!” she walked past her two wide eyed friends. “If you two don’t mind…”
“The hay would ah mind, it’s not that I need that attention, girly!” AJ said, shifty eyed.
“Oh Applejack” Fluttershy answered, with a sympathetic tone. “There’s no need to be jealous….”
AJ blushed and was about to protest but Fluttershy continued. “..I promise I will do something nice for you too after Spike gets better!” she completed, beaming.
Applejack sighed, relieved. “…ah…shucks. Thanks Shy, you DO make things better don’t ya…”
Twilight approached Spike’s bed. “If I recall correctly, those bandages must be replaced now…”

safe2190106 artist:bylisboa72 applejack201847 fluttershy260335 spike92816 twilight sparkle360039 g42045962 annoyed7306 bandage7790 feeding1678 female1820248 hospital1869 male556468 monochrome175929 ship:applespike922 ship:flutterspike719 ship:twispike2075 shipping256373 sketch83820 spikelove1362 spoon1915 straight180876 wings227283


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Conservative Brony
“if I recall correctly, those bandages need to be replaced now…”
Oh shit Spike, start fearing for your life if she’s going to use that as an excuse…