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I think derpiboo might be missing the non-translated English version of this twisted little fable: we have translations of foreign editions only, it seems. heckyeahponyscans just reposted it for the October squash festival; montaged it for your enjoyment.

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Applejacks Amazing Adventure

Source: My Little Pony comic #35

Comments: Possibly my favorite comic, and certainly one of the best pony origins for a set! And yes, Applejack just killed that guy. But dont worry. It was an accident. wink wink An accident.


UPDATE: user Skylark24 on YouTube has provided a reading of this story!
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This is basically the best example of G1, as it holds all of its “best” attributes- nonsensical, weirdly gruesome and violent, ponies acting mean and completely against all logic (admittedly real pony traits), blatantly made to sell toys, and no one making it really cared. All it needs to have been a recycled Dungeons and Dragons cartoon rejected script, and you’d have the all the elements of G1 in one pack
Phantom Rider

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Well, the filters at their most restrictive cut out like half the site. Someone tags one of those "screencap of a moment with eyes in midblink makes it looks like Rarity is trying to seduce Fluttershy" moments gets tagged as suggestive, and… well…

My own filters are based on the 'legacy default' that was a bit more permissive than the reeeeeeeeeally sterilized new default, plus a few tweaks.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

You know, for an evil wizard he looks strikingly benevolent in appearance. Maybe one of those evil wizards finally paid attention to how everyone always zeroes in on the guy in spiky armor and sporting black and red? "Oh, I'll just look like a kindly old scholar instead. No one will ever suspect me!
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Do not screw with Applejack. SHE WILL BUCKING END YOU. I love how the script talks about the wizard falling in like the crack just happened to form under him while the visuals clearly show Applejack kicking him to his doom.
when she felt her wings unfold
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Goodbye Ponk Pie Hat
It adds a little poignancy when you realize that this comic is probably a reference to the widely-held idea that real life pit ponies would go blind as a result of the darkness (which isn't completely true, as it happens).

They were most common in British mines, in recent history at the time these comics were written, with several former working ponies still alive in industrial museums and sanctuaries. The idea that they'd had a pitiable working life was pretty widely held here too. It turns out that the writers were a UK firm too, and the comics were published here in the UK, so I think I'm right in saying this one might have well been inspired by the theme.

(And that's before you get to Silly Pony totally offing that old geezer)
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Another comment from the tumblr that uploaded it:

"A good Halloween-ish story.
Because, you know.
Eye-less horses."

That being said, their eyes were replaced by gems what the actual