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semi-grimdark30661 artist:alexey293 rainbow dash240065 scootaloo52139 pegasus315298 pony1026764 fallout equestria17734 bandage5917 blood25562 boarded window3 bullet491 crying45257 curtains2088 fanfic10608 fanfic art15062 female1416010 figurine1664 gun16488 hammer1779 handgun2890 hooves18399 injured3426 mare509565 medkit79 ministry mares329 ministry mares statuette75 nails405 pipbuck3642 radaway16 revolver1646 solo1106207 weapon31755 wings126193


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Duck - He literally asked for this
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[screams in German]
I’m pretty sure she ran off first then the idea of Dashite came.  
Due to her actions which were based of Dash’s, Dashites became branded-over. Dash’s influence was high enough to make Scootaloo leave, thus the term Dashite was born.
At least, that’s what I think.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I totally agree, her death hit me harder then Pinkie Pie’s and Rarity’s combined.
Add to it the fact that the survival of ponies as a species was pretty much solely due to the CMC…