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safe (1523162) artist:rainbownspeedash (430) rarity (165030) spike (72465) twilight sparkle (274384) barb (1482) barbspike (37) blushing (167792) female (847440) fire ruby (656) implied sparity (316) jealous (1072) male (288574) rule 63 (24325) self dragondox (83) self paradox (1006) selfcest (2528) shipping (176979) spikebarb (53) straight (117345)


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First, there's Stitch and Angel, then there's Scott and Ramona, and now there's Spike and Barb. This is the conquering power of love, respect and kindness!
Background Pony #2049
Aaaaaaaaand your just getting obsessed with all this uuuuh lovey dovey stuff about them ya know if you kinda sorta changed it to BFF modes you might be interested in a nicer reception

@Background Pony Number 17
Yes, "Spikey-Whikey" is more a baby name than a boyfriend name, Rarity hates/ignores Spike and when many people talks about "The stuff" of another person, he/she(The stuff's owner) can be very angry.

Well, Spike has a crush on Rarity, but here are 4 reasons of because cannot fuck and have a family:
1: Rarity ignores Spike
2: Spikey-Whikey is a baby name
3: Spike is too young for Rarity (Because Spike has 10-15 when Rarity has 20-25 and, because, in my mind Spike grow more slower than the Mane 6 and the rest of the ponies, including Zecora, who is no a horse, is a zebra)
4: Rarity exploits Spike and uses him as a pack mule, as an instrument of clothing, etc …