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His luckiest night:)
dead source22039 safe1678944 artist:udacom23 rarity179340 spike77928 twilight sparkle296996 3d73401 bed39974 blushing192963 cgi115 female1338343 high res25428 kiss on the cheek1717 kiss sandwich200 kissing24182 lucky bastard1700 male363417 polyamory6652 shipping196583 source27 source filmmaker44836 sparity6566 spike gets all the mares753 spikelove1160 straight133640 twisparity80 twispike1633


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Background Pony #B922
Headcannon:spike has a subconscious attraction to unicorns being that he raised in a unicorn city, his close family is unicorn ,and his best friend and caretaker is a unicorn . Since primarily before moving to ponyvill ,most of his interaction with ponies was probably with unicorns (his impression of celestia would probably be unicorn since she doesn't use her wings much,though many fandom interaction implies she uses her wings to comfort) In the first episode it implies that he may have ahead a thing for moondancer an canonical unicorn ,since he brought her a gift and was going to her party even thought twilight wasn't .SO in conclusion we can interpret he has a bias for unicorn relationships
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It looks like they're draining his life energy out through his cheeks.

…In the preview, at least, since this image is apparently eight million bajillion petaflops or something and iOS refuses to load it in detail.