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Background Pony #CE07
I still have the headcanon that she's into some freaky shit when it comes to straight sex.

For some reason, I'm really OK with that though.
Background Pony #0BCF
DASH: "Oh yeah… Hooh-whee! I tell 'ya, there's nothing like a good 'ol ass-pounding to work up an appetite… Amirite!? Tell ya what… I'll go nuke us some burritos and snag a couple Mr. Pibbs from the icebox…. Uhm… Hey, you OK? Hey… sorry if I got a bit carried away there… Don't know my own strength sometimes! Y'know!? Hah! Ahem… well anyway, you MAY want to get that checked out by one of those… Uhm… 'Fanny Doctors' if it's still bleeding tomorrow… Yeah? I think I've got some bacitracin in the bathroom and I'll bring you a bag of frozen peas… For the… for the, uhm… swelling… Sorry.