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Looks like were going on a road trip :D and now that all that drama is out of the way, the funny times will be on there way shortly again.
(Thank you everyone for the feedback and suggestions, I got some very.. creative ones haha. Also just a small note, you are more than welcome to submit asks as anon, but its much nicer when you ask as a tumblr user so sometimes I can do a private reply with a bonus picture~)


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

So Cookie needs a visa, but Bran doesn't when he want's to go to Vanhoover?

Wait, isn't Vanhoover part of Equestria anyway? The Name would suggest as much…

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will return
No no no, do NOT go there! There's a reason the locals "lovingly" call it Hongcouver, Baby New York, and Parasite Pass. It's crawling with bums, asians, bed bugs, crime, an alarming amount of firearms (By American standards), bad traffic, overpopulation, and hipsters. Stay awayyyyy.