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“Raven” is now canon, our Princess doth say.
safe1902311 princess celestia102446 raven855 alicorn261234 pony1249723 unicorn412451 idw17130 spoiler:comicm0836 book37750 dialogue75971 duo97752 duo female16921 female1539243 glasses73698 horn105734 jewelry84310 lectern31 magic82802 mare579508 peytral4539 ravenbetes75 tiara5070 window10449 wings159164


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Mad Black
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I guess we have to change some tags from the fanom name to the official name, since Inkwell is now taken…  
Or at least make a difference in the tagging. like “Ink Well (idw)” or something…
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I hope she gets a last name or tags are gonna become confusing.
Also, is it funny or what that she had her old name snatched by an idwOC.