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Another old image. The original on princesschuchi's dA is gone, so I'm uplaoding it here.
safe1726564 artist:princesschuchi44 twilight sparkle303040 alicorn228381 pony986843 big crown thingy2387 blue background5288 doubly hilarious in hindsight7 female1380934 hilarious in hindsight3211 hoof shoes5561 jewelry65654 mare490729 peytral3639 princess2227 princess twilight 2.02463 regalia20569 simple background400890 solo1077796 spread wings55700 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124872 ultimate twilight428 wings111260


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Pretty soft for a Sony.
I think it would be awesome if they made alicorn Twilight toy that had a cutie mark speech button, but they got Tara Strong to record the voices.
Imagine her saying "my wings are so pretty!" or something else more in character…