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Part 1: 307124

Part 3 (Preview): 494187
suggestive (122046) artist:jadenkaiba (77) aloe (2353) cheerilee (9172) cherry jubilee (993) dj pon-3 (27588) fluttershy (192299) lotus blossom (2508) octavia melody (21791) pinkie pie (198239) princess luna (91544) queen chrysalis (31244) rarity (164834) screwball (1409) vinyl scratch (31683) human (139272) ankle cuffs (425) arm behind head (1996) armpits (39681) ass (39536) barefoot (23126) bedroom eyes (48623) belly button (63916) belly dancer (793) bicolor swimsuit (199) bikini (14828) black swimsuit (179) blue swimsuit (296) bocas top (110) boob squish (975) bracelet (7352) breasts (224909) busty aloe (289) busty cheerilee (613) busty cherry jubilee (189) busty fluttershy (14062) busty lotus blossom (339) busty octavia (2017) busty pinkie pie (9085) busty princess luna (5785) busty queen chrysalis (2948) busty rarity (10362) busty screwball (36) busty vinyl scratch (2315) caress (103) cello (2227) chin caress (8) choker (8345) cleavage (29465) clothes (386655) cuffs (3353) curvy (5427) cutie mark (37793) cutie mark on human (1523) evening gloves (7221) feet (32687) female (844612) females only (10314) frilled swimsuit (231) gloves (15986) gray swimsuit (13) hand on chest (263) harem (772) harem outfit (231) holding (2245) humanized (91873) jeweled swimsuit (84) jewelry (45818) lingerie (9050) loincloth (921) long gloves (4105) micro bikini (564) musical instrument (6516) panties (44285) partial nudity (15412) photoshop (3614) pink swimsuit (203) pinkamena diane pie (17872) purple swimsuit (225) seductive (1400) seductive look (927) seductive pose (1215) see-through (4259) side slit (1159) sideass (253) slave leia outfit (121) spa twins (1233) star wars (2855) stockings (27346) stupid sexy aloe (7) stupid sexy cheerilee (63) stupid sexy cherry jubilee (12) stupid sexy chrysalis (651) stupid sexy fluttershy (681) stupid sexy lotus blossom (7) stupid sexy octavia (244) stupid sexy pinkie (591) stupid sexy princess luna (506) stupid sexy rarity (789) stupid sexy vinyl (101) swimsuit (23250) symmetrical docking (1075) thong (5213) thong swimsuit (653) underass (2116) underboob (3396) underwear (52817) white swimsuit (117) wide hips (12789) yellow swimsuit (95)


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Winter is Here
@nightmare Shinigami
Given that anyone can edit the tags if they can be bothered, maybe someone just decided to change them, or submitted a complaint to a mod, who then changed it.

I personally think it should have stayed with safe suggestive, as everything that needs to be covered is.

If you check the Tag Changes page, you can see exactly who changed the two tags. Shoot them a message if you want.
nightmare Shinigami

I'm confused… why are my both Humanized Ponies Harems suddenly tagged as "Questionable"? Did the Rule when a pic count as "Questionable" changed?

Also I don't see why this Harem is also tagged "Slave Leia Outfit" (and "Star Wars" by Default)
nightmare Shinigami

Thanks everypony for taking Part in that little Project of mine :)

The 5 Winners will be revealed in Form of a Preview by :iconjadenkaiba:

And before you ask… I can't tell when the Harem is going to be uploaded because of the many Works :iconjadenkaiba: has to draw

Also don't expect the Ponies (and Non-Ponies) who didn't win to be in a 4. Harem

Hell I still wait for my Non-MLP based Harem, the first Page of my (private) Manga and a Picture that's gonna cost me 235 $.
nightmare Shinigami

Next month is the Deadline for Harem 3, so if you still have a Pony, who hasn't been mentioned yet or want to improve the chances for one Pony to be included… do it NOW

And how about I select the 5 Ponies: I write each Name on a Piece of Paper and then pic 5 randomly (if a Pony has been suggested by multiple Commentors, that Pony has more chances of being included)

So that maybe even a Pony that has been suggested by only one Person, has a Chance of being included

Hope you're okay with it :)