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safe1555569 artist:andypriceart2937 artist:angieness42 artist:johnjoseco4388 edit114600 idw14139 apple bloom46184 applejack157259 big macintosh26669 fleetfoot1892 fluttershy195779 granny smith4948 lemon hearts1876 pinkie pie201386 princess celestia89041 princess luna93138 rainbow dash217213 rarity167920 tealove86 twilight sparkle279833 alicorn190992 bat pony42366 bird6582 earth pony190489 pegasus232424 pony826672 shark1518 unicorn257578 zen and the art of gazebo repair50 spoiler:comic10027 spoiler:comic0983 spoiler:comic1068 apple family516 aston martin34 aston martin db55 baby8870 baby pony6052 background pony8899 big macintosh gets all the mares307 blushing172623 car5354 catching the bouquet9 clothes401046 collage1176 colt13133 cover2736 cute173625 derby planet7 disguise3818 dress38930 ernst stavro blofeld16 eyes closed78406 family3963 female879839 ferris wheel155 file92 filly58439 fleetmac85 foal14649 for your eyes only47 glowing horn16172 handkerchief420 heart42452 honeymoon71 horn40468 imagine spot167 impact font1294 james bond177 kiss on the cheek1440 kissing22125 las pegasus130 levitation10314 love4273 lunabetes3058 lunamac269 magic64528 magic aura2761 magic shirt99 male299115 mare404283 marriage1081 marriage proposal482 married266 meme77920 movie reference529 nancy sinatra8 newspaper1533 night guard1723 official6957 offspring33650 older22551 on her majesty's secret service5 one-piece swimsuit3803 parent:big macintosh2603 parent:fleetfoot60 parody15078 ponies riding ponies2051 riding5051 secret97 seven-legged race13 shipping181541 skiing111 snorkel386 song reference3017 stallion90368 straight120135 sunglasses12751 swimsuit24211 sword10454 t-shirt3456 teamac22 teary eyes3116 telekinesis24102 text49829 that's my pony244 that's my x410 thunderball5 tissue523 tongue out88541 unicorn twilight12266 uniform9070 unnamed pony1628 wall of tags2242 weapon26721 wedding1260 wonderbolts3360 wonderbolts uniform5330 you only live twice4


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Revenant Wings
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Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
Modifying this comment a bit.

Let's also consider the fact that Luna may or may not be entering stalker territory and potentially uses the daydreams to make them wild over Big Mac, making their obsessions overblown so that Mac rejects them and manipulates him into liking her.

Not sure if repeating or adding something new there
Background Pony #3123
The fact that she found him and kissed him on the ferris wheel AFTER he rudely dumped her sort of indicates that to me.

@Star Cavalcade

Me too,considering she's even more of a stalker than Tea Love or Fleetfoot (and didn't had concussions either).

@Background Pony Number 17

His reasons for ditching her are justified,I mean she was pretty much forcing him to participate with her in the hunt and even though he went along with it for the most part,he still had a job to do and had to go.

But in the end,he still spent some time with her at the carnival later.

We can pretty much say they became at least friends.

So yeah,is sort reciprocated in terms of friendship.It doesn't have to be "OMG they are pouncing each other now,IT'S CANONZ!" That would be obviously pushing it.

Of course,and like I said before,shippers can use these interactions to feed the ship romantically,but hey that's what shippers do normally.At last they have some actual interactions and material to work on.

@Background Pony

>but only LunaMac was reciprocated or acted upon.

The correct wording is: But Lunamac were only ones that got actual interactions.

Fleetfoot and Tea Love were only daydreaming about him while Luna actually approached him and interacted with him.

Of course,we can take those interactions to feed the ship(romantically speaking)but still,we can't genuinely determine they became an actual couple until the writers become a bit less subtle.

Now,if we say that this is a reciprocated friendship? I would say yes.Kinda like Big mac and Cheerilee.
Artist -

Can't help but laugh at the smooch on the wheel there. Is this comic over with? Hope they do a bit of a scene where AJ gives Mac some pokes/prods over Princess Luna kissing him.
Revenant Wings
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
@Star Cavalcade
…that actually makes this turn creepy. Instead of threatening them about taking Macintosh away from her, Luna could make them have the fantasies (as daydreams) that make them obsessive over Big Mac. While Macintosh would be running away from them since they're stalking him, he'd run to Luna who he had decent interaction with and become more friendly towards her.

Although Big Mac would be crazy for not simply running to Luna in the first place. cough cough
Artist -

I think what OP is trying to tell us is that we should all stop fantasizing about being in a relationship a boy/girl and actually go outside to interact with a real boy/girl.

Like what normal people do. So be like Luna and be social. Or else.
Background Pony #5097
I think what OP is trying to say, is that Luna wants to be Big Mac's friend.