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Background Pony #8F3C
So the stallion’s name is “Chance”?
“Chance”, as in that “product” sold on that website?
Not sure if coincidence or crap past the radar.
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@Mister Jack  
I really like the idea that Celestia’s rule is casual enough to let people sass about her behind her back, even while she’s in the same room. Her actions seem like she wants to know if people are discontent as to fix things.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Who is this bitch to be giving sass to the immortal and highly magical leader of the entire country? Someone needs to check her privilege.
On another note, while I love Luna as much as the next guy and I enjoy a good Trollestia/Molestia joke from time to time, I’m happy to see the benevolent canon Celestia getting more attention. The poor girl is always being overshadowed by her sister.
Background Pony #5EEA
This one is more like the thorn than the flower. Just cringing after the lil intro of her