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My Little Pony n Friends: S2 E05 — Spike's Search

In which Spike becomes morally disturbed by his new dragon buddies' vicious carnage, and gets bossed around.

Dragon Boss: "YOU!"
Spike: "M-m-me?"
Dragon Boss: "Yes, you! Pick that up!"


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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
Point being that he was a good enough guy to actually feel bad for causing a health hazard for the ponies. He could've ignored Fluttershy still
(unless we're gonna go along with the notion that she really, really can bend adult dragons to her will, but I prefer to think that episode's point was more about her bravery for her friends' sake).
Background Pony #CCB2
DQ could've been a gender thing too. Notice how the dragons were all dudes doing dude rough housing stuff while the ponies are all girls…
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

But it's a know situation that gryphons mix with pegasus. If rainbow dash meet gilda at Junior Speedsters flight camp it mean that gryphon are admitted by equestria's administration. But about dragon, Fluttershy was badly afraid about just watching them (even more than usual) despite having already meet spike and solve the dragonshy situation by talking.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

In both episodes, Spike was hanging out with a small group of dragons who turned out to be jerks. Except Gen 1 actually realized, "hey, maybe one group of assholes isn't indicative of the morality of an entire species."

Getting real sloppy when Gen 1 manages to top you in the writing department.
Thread Starter - The evil council continuation

At least Spike search episode ended on a hopeful note about finding good dragons in the future, dragon quest seemed okay with leaving the implication that spike might be the only good dragon with the one in dragonshy.