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safe1687725 artist:ziom05101 ahuizotl825 discord30645 nightmare moon16761 princess celestia94198 star swirl the bearded2002 alicorn220877 draconequus11270 dragon55152 phoenix1762 pony949435 armor23498 badass3241 beard3567 crown16459 facial hair5751 female1345841 gold1099 hat85288 jewelry61788 mare471752 muscles11968 peytral3428 regalia19346 spread wings53630 warcraft763 wings103500 wizard hat915 world of warcraft482


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and in the other corner….
Background Pony #FDDE
v how cute. you think your important enough to be with the big boys and girls
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Oh hey, it's my wallpaper. I didn't expect to see it here. Though I do believe it was featured on Ponibooru for a while, so it's only natural I guess.