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Script #812 from Ask Pun. Yes, those are changeling horns on a necklace.


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Background Pony #B3A8
She is sooooo pretty!
Feed her ALL the yummy veggies at the pony petting zoo! <3
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Boy, is there a story behind that armor!

#1: A theiving gryphon killed her best friend and others with a joke so funny, it kills you. Fortunatly for Pun, she survived the telling.

#2: As a survivor of the Killing Joke (not to mention a carrier), she was requested to join the Night Guard as a special forces corps member, to have the joke sealed within her. Thus the light guard armor. As a result of her seal, she is immune to Poison Joke. By the way, her handlers are Adamant and Westwood of the WCP Archive Division (

#3: After the incident she moved to Ponyville and eventually became the librarian. Untill Twilight came and moved into the library. She also became the Royal Toponymist (Pun totally unintended and intended, because Toponymy actually is the study of location names, their origins & meanings).

#4: She turned part of her house into a library for public use, because Twilight would otherwise take her books as well she says. She takes her Night Guard position very seriously.