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Here she is. My Ex least favorite pony which I hated whole first season and liked her more and more later on :D
This piece took me some time because I never even tried to paint a snow and have to learn it here. The biggest problem here is the carousel boutique because it was a pain with lots of small accents and it is round.
There was some moment when I stuck because everything had to be covered by snow and to be honest — there's not much stuff surrounding Rariti's boutique. It's hard to make round building look good but I guess creators tried hard.

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safe1676580 artist:devinian42 bon bon16173 lyra heartstrings29185 opalescence2074 pinkie pie213345 rarity179151 sweetie belle48463 sweetie drops16173 bird7977 cardinal53 cat6132 pony939398 unicorn311178 background pony10146 balloon10040 bench2453 blank flank7464 blushing192648 bridge1116 butt53585 carousel boutique2081 christmas13944 clothes448927 cloud29881 cute195364 diasweetes2850 doctor who3528 eyes closed90093 featured image865 female1336627 filly64827 floating3860 flying37284 full moon3341 hearth's warming eve1296 hoofprints190 ice skating398 lamppost356 magic71769 mare466591 moon23038 mountain4945 mouth hold17034 night25622 night sky1736 plot76986 ponyville5670 present5906 river1912 scarf22814 scenery7864 scenery porn820 skating202 sky13558 sleeping23057 sleigh261 snow13647 snowfall4437 starry night680 stars15154 stream339 streetlight306 tardis1449 telekinesis27063 then watch her balloons lift her up to the sky886 thomas kincade1 tree31370 wall of tags2908 winter4428


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