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safe1724970 artist:veggie55258 shining armor23354 twilight sparkle302849 pony985311 unicorn331442 a canterlot wedding2887 alternate scenario329 brother and sister4342 comic110090 female1379529 implied twilight velvet39 male379370 mare489965 sibling rivalry160 siblings9038 stallion111703 tongue out105838 unicorn twilight18107


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Background Pony #314A
SA: If you can't accept the fact that I'm going to marry Cadence.
SA: Then perhaps you should show up to the wedding in the finest wedding dress your friend Rarity can possibly design and ask father if he'll walk you down the aisle.
SA: Of course I am.
TS: Oh, you, big dumb-dumb! That was the whole point of my huge tantrum. I… I was jealous.
SA: I know. I am your older brother, after all, aren't I?
TS: You sure are. And soon you'll be even more.
SA: I can't wait.
TS: Try, I promise I'll make it worth your while.

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Background Pony #10B4
As an older brother myself, I can verify that Shining Armor was in a no win situation…