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In my headcanon Carrot Top is the most bad ass pony in town and would've beaten down those rascals.
dead source24078 safe1723939 artist:acidandgrit20 carrot top5523 golden harvest5523 princess luna99791 rainbow dash235867 alicorn227908 earth pony255414 pegasus298624 pony984321 rabbit5411 luna eclipsed1566 bunny ears3665 clothes466031 costume27919 devil horns499 female1378657 full moon3489 hoof shoes5534 levitation12279 magic74124 mare489535 moon23703 night26797 nightmare night4714 photoshop3774 scared10571 shadowbolt dash402 shadowbolts1636 shadowbolts costume1170 telekinesis28133 tree32753 trio9399 trio female1895


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