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And Pinkamena in Cupcakes Isn't?
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All I know is
Flutterjerk: Hater
Rainbow Factory Dash: Boss
Lil miss Rarity: Lover (She is a creepy whore in that Fanfic)
Friend: Most likely Pinkie Pie

I've no idea about the terrible loss or mother.
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Lover:twilight Snapple
Enemy:Lil miss rarity
Boss:rainbow dash
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Acolyte of Madness
I guess for a more complete version:
Mother: Lil' miss Rarity
Lover: Pinkamena
Friend: Rainbow Factory Dash
Enemy: Flutterbitch
Boss: Paranoid Twilight
Loss: Liarjack
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doctor wd mlp

Mother: Liarjack
Lover: Lil' Miss Rarity
Hates me: Flutterbitch
Friend: Pinkamina
Terrible loss: Twilight Snapple
Boss: Rainbow Factory Dash
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Mother: Lil' Miss Rarity
Lover: Flutterbitch
Friend: Liarjack
Hater: Pinkamina
Boss: Twilight Snapple
Loss Rainbow Dash (she's too dangerous)
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Mother: Twilight
Lover: Liarjack
Friend: Rainbow Dash
Enemy: Fluttershy
Boss: Rarity
Loss: Pinkamena

mother: pinkamena
lover: lil miss rarity
freind: crazy twilight
rival: flutterbitch
boss: rainbow dash
loss: liarjack

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Acolyte of Madness
I wouldn't mind having Pinkimena as a lover, we'll make cupcakes forever. XD
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Mother:Lil Miss Rarity
Loss:Psycho Twilight
Hate:Rainbow Factory Dash
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Mother: Fluttercruel.
Lover: Rainbow Factory Dash.
Friend: Pinkamena Diane Pie.
Terrible loss: Little Miss Rarity.
Hate: Liarjack.
Boss: Twilight Snapple.
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Mother: Pinkamena
Lover: Lil Miss Rarity
Friend: Rainbow Factory Dash
Hater: Flutterbitch
Boss: Liarjack
Loss: Twilight Snapple
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I think a GIF is needed to discribe this lot

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This cykas my blyats
Fuck it, everyone loses!

Mother: Insane Twilight
Lover: RF Dashie
Friend: Liarjack
hate: Flutterbitch (Of course)
Boss: Rarity
Loss: Pinkamena
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Mother: Rarity
Lover: Flutterbitch
Friend: Liarjack
Hater: Pinkamena
Boss: Twilight Snapple
Loss: Rainbow Dash
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Pinkamena will be my mother.

The rest just become cupcakes.

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Have you heard the legend of the mystical filter?

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Filter out "reborn as a pony" then? Seriously, it isn't hard. It's how I got rid of pretty much all images with a male in them -
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Enough of these!!

With Rainbow, if you aren't a pegasus you'll be fine. I dunno about Rarity.
I'd rather have Pinkie as a friend, but losing her would probably be most strategic since she kills randomly.

I'd still rather have her as a friend. Also would make a good replacement lover for Fluttershy (I normally hate Fluttershy and love Pinkie, but Flutterbitch is so… brb must change pants.

Mother: Crazy twilight
Lover: Flutterbitch
Friend: Liarjack
Hate: Rainbow Dash
Boss: Rarity
Loss: Pinkamena

You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge of the rainbow dash and rarity grimdark fanon stuff here.
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Something aint right here these comments…
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Liarjack will be my mother (not really bad)
Rainbow Dash will be my lover (I'm not a pegasus, so no danger)
Crazy Twilight will be my friend (crazy but not evil)
Flutterbitch will hate me to the bitter end (serve her right)
Miss Rarity will be my boss (she's not that bad)
Pinkamena will suffer a terrible loss (her life?)

Twilight, mother (royal family, sweet)
Fluttershy, lover (domination is magic)
Pinkie Pie, friend
Applejack, hate me to the bitter end
Rainbow Dash, boss
Rarity, loss (I fucking hate Rarity)