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Uploaded by Background Pony #E31D
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safe1995922 artist:calicopikachu116 rainbow dash261730 spitfire14766 pegasus417068 pony1348625 g413391 artifact1306 blushing242691 cloud38414 cloudy6499 contrail78 crepuscular rays4040 cute239756 cutefire279 dashabetes11085 day2454 duo124216 eyes closed122984 falling3168 female1626035 first lesbian picture on derpibooru1 first rainbow dash picture on derpibooru1 first shipping picture on derpibooru1 first spitfire picture on derpibooru1 floppy ears65418 flying48192 hug34016 kiss on the lips5036 kissing29309 lesbian109792 mare630844 omote renge1 one of the first15 rainbow5841 rainbow trail877 shipping232703 signature35959 sky19540 skyfall17 spitdash474 spread wings77431 sun8239 sunlight2038 sunshine307 surprise kiss1097 surprised11465 sweet dreams fuel1932 wide eyes18963


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Background Pony #4CA3
The first Rainbow Dash picture on derpibooru. And it’s a Lesbo-Dash pic. With Spitfire, of course. So, why the hell is there STILL not a lesbian Rainbow Dash tag of some kind????

I Love You!
R.I.P probaly, atleast they died happy kissing themselfs thinks that once at sport/school we gotta go under the people in front, was the only boy in my team hell yeah