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safe1585522 artist:tsitra3601152 artist:vest371 apple bloom46793 applejack159773 fluttershy199641 pinkie pie204300 rainbow dash220793 rarity170996 scootaloo49056 spike74422 sweetie belle46615 twilight sparkle283666 alicorn199371 pony855694 bath2676 bathing889 brush1710 bubble4526 clothespin65 cute181070 cutie mark crusaders18102 explosive collaboration29 female1185579 fence2565 forced bathing59 gas mask1051 hilarious in hindsight3049 lasso1200 mane seven5928 mane six29666 mare426509 mountain4530 outdoors8026 rope10351 tree28251 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116153


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Even the blue jay knows it is to get serious when rarity was wearing a gas mask and apple bloom wearing a clothes pin to assist applejack trying to lasso rainbow dash into the tub to get a bath.
Background Pony #1890
Douching ruins your PH down there and can lead to nasty infections. Don't believe the ads that tell you crotches are supposed to smell like friggin flowers.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Sorry Rainbow, but flying though rain storms ain't tha same as bathin', now GIT DOWN HERE AN' TAKE A DAMN BATH!!! Ya smell worse than tha pig sty in summer!