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Uploading this at half res to avoid not being able to see it during image loading. You can get the insanely huge version at the source.
suggestive173024 artist:xniclord789x254 princess celestia105122 princess luna109290 alicorn274639 pony1324489 absurd resolution71596 beach19168 blushing238835 clothes559632 female1604255 mare618875 moonbutt4287 open mouth198011 plot115339 plot pair1088 praise the moon624 praise the sun2236 sand3059 sky19155 sunbutt5082 swimsuit34754 water18870 wing hole123


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Ocellus is best buggo
Speaking of that, there is a moon in the pic, plus you can see the moon in the day a lot of the time.
Although a solar eclipse in Equestria would likely cause widespread panic.
Artist -

Forgot to ask, anyone find the relationship rather amusing/“a nice touch” where Luna is wearing a suit that’s similar in color to Celestia’s coat color while Celestia is doing the same with her outfit?
Background Pony #BB89
At first I was going to question why they have bikini tops, since they don’t have boobs, but then I realised they don’t have visible genitalia either so what the heck.