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better res of >>368215
Alternate source: lionel23’s deviantart
dead source (15246)safe (1362154)artist:tomatocoup (312)rarity (149937)scootaloo (44910)sweetie belle (42054)alternate cutie mark (1012)alternate hairstyle (19823)bipedal leaning (1188)canterlot (3576)crying (34045)cute (136582)cutie mark (32396)diasweetes (1999)feels (1434)female (698387)happy (22003)liquid pride (152)mare (304877)microphone (3603)night (18148)older (16471)palace (74)pony (638322)raribetes (3206)singing (4882)sisters (5418)stage (2236)stained glass (900)stars (10605)sweet dreams fuel (422)tears of joy (1573)unicorn (179600)wine glass (973)


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Background Pony #8313
Depicted on the stained glass window is the fabled descending upon the world of Equestria of the thing which it lacked the most.
(but seriously what is it)
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Regidar's avatar
This has got to be one of my favorite pony pictures of all time. Every time I see it, I get this swelling in my chest and smile like an idiot.

Then this song starts playing:

God dammit I love this picture so much.
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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

I’ve only just seen this one, I thought it was beautiful at first, but then I looked closer and realised what was happening. It grabbed me by the heart and I have some liquid pride of my own.

Such an amazing picture /)
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youregoingtoloveme's avatar
This is simply breathtaking. Rarity’s updo is so elegant and her ensemble exudes the refinement we’ve come to expect of her. Her expression is one of pride in her sister’s accomplishments and a bit of reflection on how far SB’s come from the accident prone filly she used to look after. Sweetie Belle’s design is so subtle that I didn’t recognize her until I saw her name in the tags. Her expression is just as subtle; tearfully happy but not the weeping mess she had the potential to be in her CMC years. The lighting draws out the intimacy of the moment and the placement of the "camera" showcases both characters perfectly. If Lauren Faust hasn’t seen this image already, someone should certainly bring it to her attention.
This will be difficult to top.
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