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suggestive142749 artist:mickeymonster550 bon bon16345 lyra heartstrings29502 sweetie drops16345 earth pony247808 pony965204 unicorn322161 :o3727 adorabon653 bed40841 bedroom eyes59304 blushing197196 cuddling8361 cute199397 dialogue65406 eye contact6485 eyes closed93245 female1360739 gentle sex49 heart48281 i just had sex4 implied sex5957 kissing24608 lesbian96836 looking at each other20161 loving tender sex170 lyrabetes1366 lyrabon3312 mare479349 monochrome149510 music notes3284 on back24346 open mouth145310 redscale18 romantic1467 shipping199964 singing6336 sketch62732 smiling247594 snuggling6534 song reference3388 the lonely island64 underhoof51997 vulgar20706 wide eyes17024


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The musical note to the right of Lyra's words is a fairly clear indication to me that she is indeed singing her version of The Lonely Island song.
As for the art, where do I even start? It's lovemaking at its finest. The gentle smiles, the positions, the entwined tails… It's a tribute to the passion that two individuals can have for one another and the ultimate expression of love and intimacy. All too often, Derpibooru pics are explicit for the sake of their audience. They seem self aware and their components are "porny". This image makes me feel as though I'm a voyeur in Equestria peeping on a couple in their honeymoon suite. One can easily feel the warmth in their depicted snuggles, taste their kisses, smell their sweat, and hear their symphony of ragged breathing, soft moans and squeals of ecstacy as they hold nothing back.
Then there's the song — which is where Lyra and Bonbon reestablish their differences to their fans. Bonbon is reserved and Lyra wants to celebrate her love by boldly singing.
Background Pony #E098
I like to think that the "I just had Sex" pic is just a reference to the song, and shouldn't really be taken seriously. for the rest, I see two people showing their boundless love for each other, possibly for the first time. Very heartwarming.