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Colored version of Marcus Maximus comic about the Scruffy janitor issue at 4chan's /mlp/ board in June, 2013 and the departure of several generals for mlpchan's /anon/ board
Winner of an art contest
questionable109608 artist:hazama116 artist:marcusmaximus284 alula678 apple bloom48784 berry punch6507 berryshine6507 cup cake4077 flash sentry12657 lyra heartstrings29201 minuette5755 mr moochick65 pinkie pie213629 pluto678 princess erroria230 rainbow dash230988 smooze (g1)206 sweetie belle48502 trixie66477 oc667629 oc:anon11611 oc:hope365 oc:milky way2107 oc:sugar bumpkin6 oc:tracy cage336 alicorn219260 earth pony238757 human151945 pegasus281466 pony941775 satyr4871 slowpoke (pokémon)124 unicorn312098 g114480 /anon/12 /mlp/5574 4chan6619 alicorn amulet1848 ass worship408 big crotchboobs4295 breast milk4186 colored19118 comic107286 comic sans1441 crotchboobs20631 excessive milk66 female1338772 fluffy pony drowns83 freckles27972 futurama849 grin37193 grope12697 huge crotchboobs4058 imageboard100 impossibly large crotchboobs4067 jiggle1635 lactation5726 mare467824 milk4429 milk squirt1108 mlpchan110 moot60 nudity362181 parent:lyra heartstrings610 plot77078 pokémon9018 rin14 scruffy124 slowpoke387 smiling241033 text58257 the scruffening39 token fluffy pony9 tulpa187 tulpamancer7 vulgar20381 weaponized boobs52 weaponized crotchboobs28


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Background Pony #2995
@Background Pony
You seem to be missing the point. The assholes with nasty opinions (see also: brutally honest) and ill will are still there. Further, their cynical and caustic opinions (see: being an asshole) are still valid parts of free speech.

The defiant attitude towards their own internal authorities came from their sudden decision to start actually and fully enforcing all of their rules. This abolished the old compromise of keeping questionable material confined to their respective threads.
Background Pony #59CC
Here comes 4chan once again whinning against eviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil authority that just try to make people follow the rules for the good of all and hijacking the concept of their almighty freedom of speech just to have an excuse to act like complete assholes