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Perspective study with Nightmare Moon.
I'll probably be annoyed with it in a week, but we'll see.
For now, I'm happy with it.

detail: [link]

Nightmare Moon would be an evil Queen, not an evil Princess.
I also imagine her having a very modular sleek castle, very opposite to Canterlot and Celestia. More science-fiction than fantasy… etc.

Several hours. Wacom tablet, Photoshop CS3.
Process: [link]


Fiddled with the shadows and the throne. Adjusted some lighting.
Also, now in .png

Also, I lost the working file because I am an idiot, so I can't make any more changes on it. So while I love your critiques, please no more… because they'll just make me sad and frustrated because I won't be able to follow up on them… T____T
safe1656710 artist:cosmicunicorn264 nightmare moon16557 alicorn214824 pony921029 bad end2071 cage960 eclipse568 ethereal mane7403 featured image845 female1319923 glowing eyes10716 long hair3933 long mane3202 long tail2208 mare457434 mountain4847 photoshop3705 sitting60180 sky13203 solar eclipse244 solo1032016 spread wings51899 stairs1611 starry mane3808 stars14868 throne3020


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@Background Pony #F2D2

I know this is like 9 months old but YES! Finally someone else thinks that. People always assume that the sun and the moon in Equestrian work like ours but obviously they don't. The fact that the sun rises and falls EVERYWHERE at the same time shows that Equestrian might be flat or that the sun is projected further via magic. And from the apocalypse episode, we can see that all life isn't dead in Nightmare Moon's world so that proves the moon, Luna's moon, is actually giving off it's own light, not just reflecting. Not only that but assuming the sun and moon work likes ours is ludicrous because if they did there would be NO reason for Luna and Celestial to move them since, ya know, gravity. My best guess is that Celestial and Luna can actually summon these two Celestial objects at will or are doing something far beyond our grasp of understanding……..then again it's a cartoon.
Background Pony #7C53
@Lupin Quill
Well Actually Nightmare moon was around when the 'parasite' was still Larry the bird moon man, SO i dont think it was the 'parasite' Soim not sure what to make of that. I still dont think they wanted an empty planet though, especially in the comics, She even went around trying to tell people that she would be ' a much better ruler than celestia"
Lupin Quill
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@Background Pony #E778
She wanted the night to last forever and she got what she wanted. Besides, we don't know exactly how the Nightmare parasite that manipulated her (if you go by the implications of the comics) operated or what it wanted.
Background Pony #7C53

Well this is fucking dumb then, The sun and moon obviously dont work like ours do, I dont think she intended to rule over a desolate planet.

So very inspiring… Chillingly atmospheric, strange twilight dusk air.
An eloquant stone etched structure resembling something of ancient times, open to the mouth of a barren plain, of mountains in the distant horizon.

Truly imagination-inspiring.